3rd Anniversary Poll
Our third anniversary for our comic is coming up soon! In preparation we'd like to prepare special content for you based on what YOU guys want!

Please rank each item on how much you'd like to see it as the content for the anniversary special!!
The process of making the comic *

Video or writeup of the step-by-step process of making the comic, from the initial draft of a chapter to the end of a page. Will include technical stuff like writing, page setup/layouts, programs used and art stuff like techniques and design.
History of the comic and its characters (i.e. the MMO era) *

A video or writeup that would go into detail about the comic's origin as a Ragnarok Online server, and all the changes to the world, characters art & personalities, and story along the way. Basically detailing the journey from a game to a comic!
Anniversary Wallpaper Stream *

Just like the first year, it would be a wallpaper that I will stream and later be available for download.
Closing thoughts?

Not required!
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